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In a nutshell, that is what the platform does. Xerago Customer Value Maximization platform is the only one in the world that helps retail financial services firms to maximize customer value by comprehending, conversing and connecting meaningfully with customers. It is a single integrated customer engagement platform that puts your business objectives at its heart and drives customer value.

To whom should you be talking, to maximize value?

The Customer Value Maximization platform allows you to identify your potentially most profitable customers and allows you to target your conversations at them to maximize value. It does this without requiring business users to know even the ABC of SQL or the basics of machine learning.

Conversion Target
VIP Customers

Include VIP customers? Exclude unprofitable customers from receiving that great offer?

Your DND lists, Seed lists, DNC lists – in short, building your inclusion and exclusion lists, is child's play in the Customer Value Maximization platform.

What kind of incentive provided to which customer produces the maximum impact?

The Customer Value Maximization platform makes managing customer promotions and offers child's play. Whether it is assigning an offer by gender, or ZIP, or age group, or vintage or any such conditions, our platform enables this for you by way of a few clicks.

Customer Products

Omnichannel. Omniscient.

Imagine a platform that not only makes it irrelevant for you to choose channels (do customers really care if you send them a text message or you email them or send them a direct mail?), but is also smart enough to know which channel to use to have a conversation with which customer. The Customer Value Maximization platform can do that.

Conversations are better than monologues anyday

After initiating a conversation, the Customer Value Maximization Platform is smart enough to also track the customer response and automatically plan the next response to the customer. It is smart enough to distinguish between an address change, Ringing No Response, hard bounce, Did not Open and a Facebook like. It uses all interactions to map a profile of the customer and use that intelligence to help you do better with your next conversation with the customer.

Conversion Reporting

Conversation Effectiveness Reporting

Finally, the platform also gives the users an idea of how their customer engagement is working, how much value is being derived from the customers and how they are growing portfolio value. It does this with no configuration requirement. Want to do deeper analysis. You actually found some time for that? Sure, the Customer Value Maximization Platform also allows you to export the data for processing in external Business Intelligence tools such as Cognos, Microstrategy, OBI, or Tableau.


Usually, the process of integrating the application of this scope and complexity into your environment involves many months of effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Customer Value Maximization platform is on the cloud and comes with everything pre-built. You can go live in a matter of hours and days rather than weeks and months. Campaign management platform involves many months of effort. Almost every analytical marketing platform requires a data warehouse or a data mart to function. All the platform vendors require you to invest in the Data Mart platform of their choice. The Customer Value Maximization Platform is trivial to integrate and can go live for your enterprise in a few days, rather than a few months.


The Customer Value Maximization Platform runs on what we call a Common Cloud. All your organization specific data is however stored in an independent customer specific cloud that we creatively called, the "Customer Cloud". The customer cloud is accessible only by the Platform and by your internal team. So, you can be rest assured that all enterprise data stored, analyzed, modified, queried, and processed in any way happens exclusively in your cloud. There is absolutely no opportunity for any one to get access to your data from your cloud. The platform uses a shared-nothing database architecture that makes it impossible for anyone else to access your data. Even the credentials that are set up by your IT team cannot be accessed by anyone else.

The entire session between your business users and the remote servers is secure and immune from unauthorized access.


To sum up, Xerago's Customer Value Maximization Platform makes maximizing value from your customers a breeze. The design of the application makes it easy for business users to work at the business level with zero IT or analytical skills and still be able to drive customer value. More importantly, even at the business level, their understanding of how your organization grows value needs to be limited. It is really the platform that does most of the thinking and your team simply has to make occasional Yes / No decisions. The ease of use of the UI is nothing short of revolutionary and completely obliterates the technical and analytical complexity. Users with zero training can now initiate complex conversations in minutes. This is truly an application built for business users.

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Is every non-branch interaction with your customers intelligent enough to consider relationship history, relationship value and customer exhibited behavioral traits and preferences? Every single interaction?

Do you know which customer to include and exclude, when to do so, and with what message, when you want them to buy your products and services? Do you do this without offline / online spamming?

Is there a clearly articulated strategy, understood by everyone? Is it being implemented by all stakeholders cohesively working together, to maximize customer value?

Do you proactively arrest customer value decline, even when customers don’t yell, or send stinkers to support? For example, when card spends decline steeply, do you auto-activate those customers?

Can you do all the above by clicking a few buttons – without investing in an army of IT, Analytics, Marketing and Product Managers?

To sum up, do you continuously grow customer value – measured on both revenue and relationship dimensions – evidenced by portfolio revenue and business value metrics?

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