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You may have stumbled online on a document titled Marketing Technology Landscape. If you have not, you should search for it. The Marketing Technology Landscape lists about 1,000 different marketing technology products! While not all of them are relevant for every marketer, the fact that there are a thousand different pieces of technologies for marketing is stunning. Most marketers do not need to learn about all these technologies. But, some are already indispensable for modern marketers, and some are getting there. For example, it is rare to find a portal today that does not already have a web analytics tool measuring traffic. Similarly, it is uncommon to find a marketing organization (outside of FMCG) that does not already have access to some kind of email marketing platform. There are less common tools too – marketing attribution, customer experience measurement and marketing automation platforms, among others.

Marketing Technologies

Rise of the marketing technologist

Regardless of the level of technology maturity of your marketing organization, you can be sure that in the months and years ahead, it is going to be almost impossible to run a great marketing function without serious investment into technology. There are many marketers today who think that technology is the CTO / CIO’s problem. But the fact is that the technology function is only responsible for making the technology “available” and it is up to the marketer to truly get value from the technologies. Hence, it is well - nigh impossible for the few remaining reluctant CMOs to keep their head buried under the sand for much longer.

Some technologies that marketers should be familiar with

While we do not want to discuss 1,000 different marketing technologies and their use and adoption by the marketing function, we have taken a view of the technologies available and have grouped them into a few broad categories. All these are technologies with which you are either already familiar, or with which you have to quickly and forcibly develop comfort. These can broadly be grouped into the following categories:

Power Communication

Platforms that power communication channels

  • Email & Mobility
  • Social Media, Community and Inbound Marketing
  • Search, Social, Display, Video Ad Servers and DSPs
E-commerce Platform

Technologies that deliver operational value

  • Enterprise Marketing Automation
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • Digital Asset and Marketing Resource Management
Power Marketing Analytics

Technologies that power marketing analytics

  • Personalization, Creative Testing & Optimization
  • Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, and Data Mining Platforms
  • Customer Experience / Marketing / Web / Mobile / Social Analytics, Dashboards and Reports
  • Marketing Data Marts / Customer OneView

Note that these are broad classifications. In addition to these, depending on the industry in which you operate, there are likely to be other technologies with which you are required to get familiar. Also, we have left out some technologies that power marketing, but are not used by the marketing team (such as creative design tools), or are more relevant for certain industries (loyalty platforms, for instance). But these are possibly the most common ones that most CMOs have to learn to adopt.

Extraordinary Marketing Technology Consulting expertise

At Xerago, we have extensive experience with these technologies – far more than many large IT consulting firms can boast of. More importantly, Xerago comes with years of hands-on experience in implementing these technologies, actively engaging with clients to use these technologies and drive value from them. We would love to share war stories about brands that faced challenges adopting and getting value from some of these technologies and how Xerago helped them transition through to comfort.

Technology Consulting Services

Xerago’s Marketing Technologies practice helps large marketers to identify, implement, use and get familiar with most of these technologies. We are a marketing company that “gets” technology.

To know more about how we can help your organization leverage marketing technology in a way you never thought possible, talk to us.

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