Oracle Solutions

Oracle Solutions

With end consumers evolving with time, brands need to start measuring, personalizing and optimizing marketing campaigns and digital experiences for optimal marketing performance. Oracle Marketing Cloud has the right suite of solutions to address this growing and ever-changing requirement. Xerago offers the below range of solutions with the help of various modules of the Oracle Marketing Cloud:

Oracle Eloqua Solutions

Oracle Eloqua investments are meant to increase marketing velocity and reach out to customers with personalized communication at the right time on their preferred channels. Xerago offers end-to-end Oracle Eloqua solutions, where Xerago implements the platform from the marketing end users’ perspective, integrates data sources and communication channels, sets up best practices and manages marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis.

Xerago also augments the power of Oracle Eloqua, by coming up with a host of new campaigns across customer lifecycles so that customers are contacted at ideal times through preferred channels with appropriate messages and value is maximized from them.

To maximize value from your customers using Oracle Eloqua, please get in touch with us.

Oracle Responsys Solutions

Personalization is no more a marketing buzzword. Customers are put off by superficial personalization and expect brands to be proactive in providing them with content that is relevant, personal and engaging. Oracle Responsys helps brands meet such evolved expectations. Xerago uses Oracle Responsys to deliver the relevant, engaging experiences your customers demand across devices, channels, and lifecycles.

To provide superior customer experiences to your customers using Oracle Responsys, please get in touch with us.

Oracle Maxymiser Solutions

Xerago can help you implement Oracle Maxymiser, and manage it on an ongoing basis by providing your audience with relevant, personalized and engaging experiences. Xerago can integrate all your marketing data that include but is not limited to first party, second party, third party, CRM and web analytics data with Oracle Maxymiser to create tailored, engaging, and seamless experiences to help achieve business goals. Using Oracle Maxymiser, Xerago can test and validate every single element on your digital properties and optimize them at scale to improve audience engagement.

To optimize your digital properties using Oracle Maxymiser, please get in touch with us.

Oracle Bluekai Solutions

Oracle Bluekai offers immense capabilities to integrate your own first party data with second and third party data. Xerago, with the help of Oracle Bluekai, can help you understand your customers’ journey, enhance audience segmentation, optimize media buying and precisely deliver more targetable media campaigns, and generate higher ROIs through increased campaign effectiveness.

To maximize ROI on your digital marketing campaigns, using Oracle Bluekai, please get in touch with us.

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